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The DeLeon Springs Community Association, Inc. grew out of the DeLeon Springs Merchant’s Association, a group of local merchants who wanted to see DeLeon Springs prosper and the downtown corridor improved.

In 2011, the DeLeon Springs Community Association, Inc. incorporated as a 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to “making DeLeon Springs A Better Place to Live, Work and Play”.

What began as a small group blossomed into a focused team of committed citizens, with a broad mission that includes a wide range of volunteers across the community, whose dedication drives our efforts and has accomplished outstanding goals including the now annual “Art Among The Trees” Fine Arts, Crafts and Music Festival, held the second Saturday in April and the annual “Autumn in The Oaks” Arts, Music and Crafts Festival held the third Saturday in October.

This organization worked with Volusia County to create a district overlay to define a downtown area, eliminate split zoning in the downtown corridor, and worked with Volusia County and FDEP to create the LEAD 1 and LEAD 2 (Local Economic Advancement District) Brownfield Designations, a historic first for unincorporated Volusia County!  We provided numerous scholarships to support local churches, schools, organizations and individuals, offered educational opportunities, promoted student art in McInnis Elementary School and continued to prod the FDEP to complete excavation of the underground fuel plume under Highway 17 in order to protect our water supply, our beloved DeLeon Spring and the health of our community, a project costing nearly $10,000,000 that was completed in 2014. These are lofty goals for a tiny, unincorporated community, and our volunteers make it all happen with gusto, guts and good humor! 






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DeLeon Springs Community Association

Tammy Schuler, Treasurer
PO Box 271
DeLeon Springs, FL 32130

Amy Munizzi

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