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Linaje Escogido (Chosen Creation)

495 Ponce DeLeon Blvd.
DeLeon Springs, FL 32130

Phone: 386-748 3300

Contact:  Juan and Luz Mancilla



Linaje Escogido means "Chosen Creation" and we are a Florida non-profit dedicated to serving the needs of DeLeon Springs' Hispanic community. Because we are familiar with the Hispanic community, members bring to our attention hardships our citizens may be facing. We then visit to assess the situation and respond, whether it's to help monetarily, or if someone is ill, we visit and take food, fruits, juices etc. We also concentrate on helping people free themselves from alcohol and drugs thru our Spanish A.A. program, founded by Juan Mancilla in 1998. Once our community members have been through the A.A. program, many choose to attend our Bible study group, which is offered to them once they complete AA. We also contribute to the ministry "Missionary Ventures" that focuses on at- risk children in Lima Peru, each year before Christmas.

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